Fix it in Post

It’s true, you can fix issues in post-production. It’s amazing how many times I added a plant or taken one out of a background. I put people in shots together who never met, had people lip sync to words they never spoke, and put them in places they’ve never been. Everything is possible today; however, there is an honesty in getting the shot right. There’s fluidity when a presenter delivers the lines correctly. There’s dignity in a script the presenter believes in. Can you imitate honesty and dignity? Should you? I try hard not to. Clients often say, “You can just fix it in post, can’t you?” And the answer is always, “Yes I can.” But, I will always strive to get it right in camera – there’s something to be said for old fashioned craftsmanship.

Do something!

Today, a friend and I watched an old video I produced 18 years ago for Springs Window Fashions. My friend was amazed by how much was going on in the video. Each presenter was in the middle of doing something important when they delivered their lines. There was also a storyline with some urgency written into the script.

To produce an interesting video, presenters need to do something to be interesting, need to be interesting to be engaging, and need to be engaging to be memorable. If your video isn’t memorable, you’re wasting your time and money.